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Put Some Soul in Your Mac and Cheese (and Leave the Milk Behind)

by suntech
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Y’all, listen up! We need to have a serious talk about macaroni and cheese. Now, I know it’s a beloved dish that brings comfort to our souls, but some of y’all out there are committing culinary crimes by adding milk to boxed mac and cheese. It’s time we put an end to this madness and show you a better way.

The Sin of Adding Milk

Let me break it down for you: when you add milk to boxed macaroni and cheese, you’re diluting its flavor potential. That creamy goodness that makes your taste buds dance? Yeah, it gets watered down like a wilted flower on a hot summer day. Plus, let’s not forget that the box already has powdered or processed cheese in it – do we really need more dairy?

A Taste of Tswana Magic

Instead of reaching for that carton of moo juice, why not take inspiration from my Tswana background? In Botswana, we know how to make magic happen with our food. So here’s what you do: after cooking your macaroni according to the package instructions (don’t mess with perfection), drain it well.

In a separate pot over medium heat, melt some butter until it sizzles like raindrops on hot pavement. Then sprinkle in some flour – just enough to coat the melted butter – and stir until it forms a smooth paste called roux.


This is where the real magic happens: slowly pour in some evaporated milk while whisking continuously until your sauce thickens up like Auntie Mabel’s gravy at Sunday dinner. Add shredded cheddar cheese bit by bit as if each strand were precious gold nuggets unearthed from the depths of a hidden treasure chest.

Finally, season your sauce with a pinch of salt, a dash of black pepper, and maybe even a hint of cayenne if you’re feeling adventurous. Stir in your cooked macaroni until each noodle is coated in that velvety goodness. Now we’re talking!

A Gullah Twist

But wait, there’s more! Let’s add some Gullah flair to this already soulful dish. In the Sea Islands off South Carolina and Georgia, our ancestors taught us the power of seasoning. So grab some smoked paprika and sprinkle it on top – trust me, it’ll take your mac and cheese to new heights.

If you really want to go all out (and I highly recommend it), crumble up some crispy bacon or fried onions for an extra layer of flavor and crunch. Your taste buds will thank you later.

In Conclusion

Folks, let’s put an end to this milk madness when it comes to boxed macaroni and cheese. Instead, embrace the Tswana magic by making a roux-based sauce with evaporated milk and real cheese. Then give it that Gullah twist with smoked paprika or other tasty toppings like bacon or fried onions.

Your mac and cheese will never be the same again – it’ll be bursting with flavor, soulful as can be! So next time you reach for that box in your pantry, remember: leave the milk behind and put some love into every bite.

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